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    'Serial and Massively parallel'

    Curation : John Tung



    20 - 28 Jan 2024




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    2016- 2022

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    Terra Incognita
    (Disambiguation and Wanderlust)

    2018 - 2021

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    Carré Blanc


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    Polaroïd Inks


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    Here, Somewhere, totally else


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    La Disparition

    2018 - 2020

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    Walls are not Walls
    Singapore - Bangkok


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    Our Forest


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    Silent Transformation


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    3 Black Boxes


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    2017 - 2020

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    Missing Part


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    Broken Shreds of Us


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    The Book of (our) Erosion(s)


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    Geology of Memory


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    Autographic Matters


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    2015 - 2016

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    Internal Landscapes

    2015 - 2020

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    Beyond the Surface

    2015 - 2017

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    Small is Beautiful

    2015 - 2016

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    Naked Memories


  • Books

    Dernière adresse, 96 pages, Editions Arléa

    Dernière adresse

    Last Address

    Novel, 96 pages, Arléa Publishing

    Collection 1er Mille, 2009


    How do you exit life when you have loved it so much ? This is a story about a facetious old Irish lady who is forced to leave her home and her past life behind. Abandoning all reason she is nevertheless obliged to take a step towards her final address in the midst of watchful eyes and anxious family members. Here commences an honest and ironic face to face with solitude, past memories and physical dependency while in the background looms her hunger for freedom and a life that she refuses to give up....


    "De ma naissance irlandaise, j’ai gardé le goût des grands espaces, des landes dévastées, des ciels lavés par la mer, des nuages gris au goût de sel.

    J’ai atteint un âge presque canonique, beaucoup trop avancé pour que la décence m’interdise d’en faire part, bien qu’au fond cela me soit complètement égal."



    Le secret de Xinmei, Editions Couleurs de Chine

    Le secret de Xinmei

    Xinmei's Secret

    Children book, 35 pages

    Couleurs de Chine Publishing, 2014


    Xinmei is a young Miao girl. Every night, she has the same dream... this secret dream which she shares with her younger brother Shun and an encounter with the village witch, Lao Li, takes the children on an adventure filled with poetry and a quest for justice. At the end of their journey Shun and Xinmei will discover that a mother's love is stronger than anything else and will never die.


    "Je m'appelle Xinmei, j'ai dix ans. Le village où je vis se trouve perché au sommet des grandes montagnes Miao. Quand le ciel devient gris et que le brouillard descend, j'ai parfois l'impression que je pourrais toucher les nuages."


    This book had been translated in Mandarin



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    Singapore Artitude

    Collective Book directed by Stéphanie Lehembre

    2018, 200 pages


    A different Singapore, through the lens of more than 50 photographers and a dozen writers.
    A collective book by nature. Multiple perspectives, diverse sensibilities and a common talent to see ART in the daily life, orchestrated to rediscover the city. SINGAPORE unplugged!



  • News



    Serial and Massively Parallel

    Curated by John Tung

    SEA FOCUS 2024 - Singapore Art Week 2024

    Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore

    20 - 28 Jan 2024





    Walls are not Walls - Urban Art Project - Singapore-Bangkok-Singapore:

    - Geology of Memory

    A site-specific Street-Art Project

    Muscat Street, Singapore


    - This is about something that happened a long time ago that continues to affect us today

    Outdoor mural at the Alliance Francaise of Bangkok

    179 Wireless Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand


    - If listening is an Act of Love, will you open your window ?

    Mural commissioned by Singapore Tourism Board

    Between Joo Chiat and Tembeling road, Singapore





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    Hélène Le Chatelier

    Hélène Le Chatelier studied Art in Paris at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art, Olivier de Serres, where she graduated in Fine Art Fresco painting with honours. Since her first exhibition in Paris right after her graduation, Hélène embraced various modes of expression (painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, writing).


    Best known for her ink bodyscapes and her works with paper engaging writing and abstract landscapes, Hélène studies the influence of memory and social context on our intimate space. Her polymorphic practice explores the influence of displacement on the way we construct / deconstruct our identity, forced that we are to engage and to re-negotiate continuously with our individual and collective memory. It also questions our interconnected link with nature and the reciprocal influence between humans and their environment.

    In this age of migration and globalization overwhelmed by a constant flow of data, where human relationships are caught between our irreconcilable needs for both security and freedom, Le Chatelier's work exposes the volatility, the fragility and the liquid aspect (elusive, leaking, escaping, unstable) of human bonds even with oneself as well as with nature. She questions the paradox between the incongruity of language and the need to label and define the untold, the unsaid, the not represented here or the not represented yet. She talks about transition, movement, transformation, highlighting the representation of our indeterminate and transitional state as a constant of our human condition.


    Her work entered the MaGMA collection (Singapore), the NPE collection (Singapore), the Thaillywood / Taittinger Foundation collection (Thailand), the Bernard Magrez collection (France) as well as numerous private collections across Europe and Asia.

    Her public art installation has been selected for SEA Focus 2019, a STPI project at Gillman Barracks, Singapore.

    She also recently started La Disparition, an Art and Science project conducted in collaboration with the Mechano-Biology Institute of Singapore / CNRS to question the concept of disappearance.

    Hélène has been invited to be an artist-in-residence at NPE Print Residency, Singapore (April to June 2017) and at Thaillywood Contemporary Art Residency, Thailand (September 2015 to March 2016).


    Her solo exhibitions include Intimate Topographies (2021), curated by Tan Siuli, Alliance Francaise, Singapore; Geology of Memory (2021), Art Outreach, Gillman Barracks, Singapore; Unspoken Truths (2019), Ronewa Art Projects, Thaïland; Beyond the Surface (2017), Intersections, Singapore; Naked Memories, Intimacy (2015), White Space, Bangkok, Thailand; Naked memories (2014), Intersections, Singapore.


    Her recent group exhibitions include Exhibition at La Grande Maison Bernard Magrez (2023), Curated by Mabille & Chaumette, Bordeaux, France; Nuages (2022), Curated by Marina Oechsner de Coninck – Spotts Gallery, Singapore; Superpositions (2021), Guest artist for Yukako Matsui's solo exhibition – My little box, Tokyo, Japan; Bus.Stop.Art (2021), Curated by Amelia Abdullahsani and Merryn Trevethan for Singapore Art Week 2o21, Singapore; Here, Somewhere, totally else... (2018-19) in collaboration with FUJIFILM, Singapore; Fiction of Precision (2017), curated by Euginia Tan, Art Galleries Association of Singapore; Flash of Memory, Memory Lapse (2017), La Lanta Fine Art, Bangkok, Thailand; Archives of the Discarded (2016), 5th Singapore International Photography Festival; The Broken Shreds of us (2016), STPI, Singapore; Into internal Landscapes, Dreamscapes, Form Space Atelier, Seattle and White Box, New York, USA (...)


    Hélène has spent a great deal of time in France and in Ireland. She currently lives and works in Singapore. Her work has been showcased in Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Paris, Bordeaux, Seattle and New-York.


  • Bio



    2023 Missing Part, The Sound of Silence with Guest artist Calvin Pang - Hearth Programme, Art Outreach, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

    2021 Intimate Topographies - curated by Tan Siuli - Alliance Française Singapore

    2021 Geology of Memory - Hearth Programme, Art Outreach, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

    2019 Unspoken Truths - Ronewa Art Projects, Alliance Française in Bangkok, Thailand

    2019 Walls are not Walls – Street Art curated by Alliance Française in Bangkok, Thailand

    2017 Beyond the Surface - Intersections Gallery, Singapore

    2015 Naked Memories, Intimacy – White Space Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand. Curator : Marie-Pierre Mol

    2014 Naked Memories – Société Générale Gallery, Singapore. Curator: Intersections Gallery






    Serial and Massively Parallel – Curated by John Tung– Our Cloud Forest, a site specific installation for SEA FOCUS 2024, a STPI Project for Singapore Art Week 2024 - Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singpore



    Silent Transformation(s) – in association with L'image en creux, a Cultur Foundry Project – Curated by Etienne Hatt – 100ECS, Paris, France Projection + Art & Science conversation with Pr. Virgile Viasnoff from CNRS and Mechanobiology Institute of Singore (NUS)

    Water Impression – Curated by Olal'art – The American Club, Singapore

    Itinerant Practices – Curated by Peruke Projects – Cromwell Place, Gallery 10, London, UK

    Between Source and Cloud, Calligraphy and Asian Identity – Curated by Intersections – EHL, Singapore

    Black / White Quotes – Duo show with Zhang Zhao Hui – Olal'Art Gallery, Singapore

    You are special – Group exhibition curated by Bettina Schleier in line with the Random coordinates Project – Spotts Gallery / Art Porters, Singapore

    Group exhibition – Curated by Mabille & Chaumette – La Grande Maison Bernard Magrez, Bordeaux, France

    Group exhibition – Curated by Mabille & Chaumette – French House, Bordeaux, France



    A Thousand words : Photography in conTEXT – Curated by Of Limits Collective – Library@Orchard, Singapore 

    Nuages – Curated by Marina Oechsner de Coninck – Spotts Gallery, Singapore 

    Look up – Curated by Intersections – EHL, Singapore

    Fossils Dance – Curated by Marina Oechsner de Coninck – Spotts Gallery, Singapore



    Fauna Allegoria – Curated by Marina Oechsner de Coninck – Art Agenda, Singapore

    Superpositions – Guest artist for Yukako Matsui's solo exhibition – My little box, Tokyo, Japan

    Bus.Stop.Art – Curated by Amelia Abdullahsani and Merryn Trevethan for Singapore Art Week 2o21, Singapore

    The Call of the SEA – Curated by Marina Oechner de Conninck – Selegie Art Centre, Singapore



    Take this and eat it – Happening part of ATTRACTIONS, a Liv_id Collective Project for Bangkok Galleries Night 2020 – Bridge Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand



    The Rules of engagement - Group show curated by Marryn Trevethan and Amelia Abdhulasani - The Substation, Singapore

    Geology of Memory - a site-specific Street-Art Project, Muscat Street, Kampong Glam, Singapore

    Noise Giffest - Gillman Barracks, Singapore

    SEA Focus - Our Forest, a site specific installation - SEA Focus – a STPI project part of the Singapore Art Week – at Gillman Barracks, Singapore



    Here, Somewhere, totally else... – Duo exhibition with JY Deng, in collaboration with FUJIFILM – Intersections Gallery, Singapore

    Scents of Asia - With Nicola Anthony, Marc Nair, Eddie Botha, Pang, Tania Nasr, Soe Soe, Claire Deniau – Intersections Gallery, Singapore



    Fiction of Precision - Curated by Euginia Tan, event organized by Art Galleries Association Singapore

    Writescape – Trio Exhibition with Kwanchai Lichaikul and Uten Mahamid - YenakArt Villa, Bangkok, Thailand

    Scents of Singapore – With Nicola Anthony, Marc Nair, Eddie Botha, Kavita Issar Batra, Pang, Ma Dame, Tania Nasr and Jalayla Jalil – Intersections Gallery, Singapore

    Folds of Mind – With Deusa Blümke – NPE Art Residency, Singapore

    Flash of Memory / Memory Lapse – With Kwanchai Lichaikul and Uten Mahamid – La Lanta Fine Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand



    White Box, non profit Auction – Curated by Lara Pan – 329 Broome St #1, New York, NY, USA

    Residency Unlimited Non Profit Auction – Curated by Nathalie Angles – Paddle 8, New York, NY, USA

    Broken Shreds of Us – Collaboration for Syv Bruzeau's Butoh Performance in Shinro Ohtake's exhibition Paper - Sight at STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery, Singapore

    Archives of the Discarded – 5th Singapore International Photography Festival – Intersections Gallery, Singapore

    Into Internal Landscapes, Dreamscapes... – Duo Exhibition with Uten Mahamid – Form Space Atelier, Seattle, USA

    Returning – Collaboration / Installation with Calvin Pang – Intersections Gallery, Singapore. Curators: Daryl Goh and David Chew

    Autographic Matter, InkMagination II – Intersections Gallery, Singapore – Curators: Daryl Goh and David Chew Voilah festival organised by the Institut Français and the . . . French Embassy in Singapore – With Calvin Pang, Syv Bruzeau and June Lee Yu Juan

    Art Paris 2016 – Grand Palais, Paris, Intersections Gallery



    Small is Beautiful ! – Intersections Gallery, Singapore. Curator: Marie-Pierre Mol

    InkMagination I – Intersections Gallery, Singapore. Curator : Marie-Pierre Mol – Voilah festival organised by the Institut Français and the French Embassy in Singapore – With . Syv Bruzeau and June Lee Yu Juan



    Collaboration / Performance with Syv Bruzeau (Butoh dancer) – Société Générale Gallery, Singapour



    Frescoe and Mural – Interdec Asia, Singapore



    Maison et Objets: selected items for the exhibition “Spirit of the House” organized by independent trends research companies on “Maison et Objets” fair in Paris (selected . . by both Elizabeth Leriche and Croisements)



    Le Corps Mémoire – Group exhibition, Town Hall of 6th Arrondissement, Paris, France






    2023 Nomination for Soverign Art Prize Asia 2024

    2021 PULSE Award, 1st Prize for photography - Jury members: Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani, Richard Koh, Lisa Botos, Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch and Dr Natthakhet Yaemin

    2017 NPE (National Photo Engravers) Art Residency, Singapore, invited Artist

    2015-16 Thaillywood Contemporary Artist Residency – Chon Buri, Thailand – Foundation Marie and Hugues Taittinger – http://www.thaillywood.org/helene-le-chatelier/






    Bernard Magrez Collection, France


    NPE (National Photo Engravers), Singapore


    Thaillywood Collection, Thailand

    BBPS Private Limited, Singapore


    MaGMA Collection, Singapore





    Nuages explores the limitless of human mind when creating art - LUXUO, Art Republik : https://www.luxuo.com/culture/art/nuages-explores-the-limitless-nature-of-the-human-mind-when-creating-art.html 



    Fauna Allegoria : Artist Helène Le Chatelier explores theme of Identity and Nature - LUXUO, Art Republik : https://www.luxuo.com/culture/art/fauna-allegoria-helene-le-chatelier.html 

    Reconnect with nature at Fauna Allegoria - LUXUO, Art Republik : https://www.luxuo.com/culture/art/reconnect-with-nature-at-fauna-allegoria-exhibition.html 

    The French community in Singapore - CNA Insider : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRl0kV4zoEY 



    Art conversations with Studio ID: https://conversations.studio-id.sg/helene-le-chatelier/

    Miniseries Working under confinement - Episode 1: https://conversations.studio-id.sg/episode-1-working-under-confinement-by-helene-le-chatelier/

    Miniseries Working under confinement - Episode 2: https://conversations.studio-id.sg/episode-2-working-under-confinement-by-helene-le-chatelier/

    Le Petit Journal de Singapour, Humeur de confinés, Thursday 28th of May



    Lianhe Zao bao SG, Crossroads columns, 11 Mar 19

    Cobo Social, Repositioning the Singapore Art Scene: out of the chaos, opportunities arise, 31 Jan 19



    Blouin Artinfo, "Folds of Mind" at NPE Art Residency, 7 Jul 17

    Artitude, Folds of Mind: an exhibition with a new perspective, 19 June 17

    Art Republik #14, Fired up, page 88, March-May 17

    SAGG (Singapore Art and Gallery Guide), Hélène Le Chatelier: Beyond the Surface

    Le Petit Journal de Singapour, Voyage intérieur au-delà des apparences avec Hélène Le Chatelier, "Beyond the Surface", 6 June 17

    Women and Career, Guest Series Singapore with Hélène Le Chatelier, youtube Channel Women and Career, 31 May 17

    BAM! Bangkok Art Map, Mar 17



    Deck, Journal of Photography #1, Singapore

    Intersection, Feature Interview: Autographic Matters, Pang, June Lee Yu Juan & Hélène Le Chatelier, 13 Jul 16

    Plateform Online Magazine, Beyond the Surface, Internal Landscape, Jun 16

    Business Times, Using words devoid of Meaning, 17 Jun 16

    Blouin Art Info, Contemporary Aesthetics meet Chinese Tradition at Intersections, 17 May 16

    Artabazos, The Art Fair Magazine, Issue #1 Art Paris



    Bangkok Post, Thailand (November)



    Vous m'en direz des nouvelles  Cultural Program of Radio France International, 20 October 14



    Marianne – France, September 09

    Le Masque et la Plume – France Inter Radio, 25 Sept 09

    Ouest France – Sept 09

    The Irish Times – Interview

    Image Interiors – Interview, Sept-Dec 09 (Ireland)



    Elle Décoration May 06 (France)



    Résidences Décoration Issue #65 (France)

    Art et Décoration Nov-Dec 05 (France)

    Cosmopolitan May 05 (France)

    Glamour (Vogue Group) – Ap 05 (Germany)

    Marie-Claire Idées – Summer 05 (France)

    Résidences Décoration – Issue #61 (France)

    Madame Figaro – Mar & May 05 (France)

    Elle Décoration exceptional issue – Special Trends 05 (France)



    Folie Pure – Issue #10 (Russia, France)

    Live it – Spring 04 (UK, US, Japan, France)

    Marie-Claire Maison – Issue #389

    Résidences Décoration – Issue #54 (France)



    Le Moniteur des travaux publics et du bâtiment – Issue #4913 (France) : Interview about fresco





    2022 Le Corps contenant-contenu : Origine, territoires géographiques et intimes du geste artistique, Art theory and art philosphy Essay directed by Fréderique Malaval, Maître de conférence HDR à l’Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier 3, France. Publisher : HAL Open Science : https://dumas.ccsd.cnrs.fr/dumas-03894435v1/file/BIGNONLECHANTELIER_22_M1.pdf

    2016 Autographic Matters, Intersections Gallery

    2014 Publishing of Le Secret de Xinmei in Mandarin

    2013 Publishing of Le Secret de Xinmei, Children literature, Publisher: Couleurs de Chine – Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai, China

    2009 Publishing of Dernière adresse, novel, Publisher: Arléa, France






    One Thousand Words : Photography in conTEXT- Panel "Picturing words in creative photography practice" - Moderator: Karren Sadler, with Tom White, Ivan Ong and Hong Shu-Ying


    Bus.Stop.Art project - Live talk “Impact of Art in public spaces” sur Facebook Open Arts, Curator: Amelia Abdullahsani

    Intimate Topographies - Panel “Embodied Narratives”, Moderator: Tan Siuli, with Yanyun Chen, Praew Kawita, Vatanajyankur Nge Lay and Anca Rujoiu

    Intimate Topographies - Panel “Feminine Body, Female Gazes” as part of the "French Festival", Alliance Française de Singapour, Moderator: Sébastien Bonnemason-Richard, with Lilyane Beauquel, Joffrine Donnadieu and Malika Madi, 


    Here, Somewhere, totally else… Présentation avec JY Deng – Intersections, Singapour 


    Experimentation and Crossed fields in Arts, Search and Question the World Lecture for Raffles Design Institute students, Singapore

    Meet up and Signature Le Secret de Xinmei, Serangoon Garden, Singapore


    Archives of the Discarded, Public talk at Intersections Gallery, Singapore

    Archives of the Discarded, for Singapore Art Museum Docents Guides

    Creativity in Art & Design, Change your perspective Lecture for Raffles Design Institute students, Singapore

    What are the main components of an artisitc approach ? Lecture for NUS engineering students


    Meet up and Signature at Parenthèses Bookshop, Hong Kong for Dernière Adresse and Le Secret de Xinmei

    Singapore, Memory Paths - Writing and Creation Workshops, Alliance Française in Singapore


    Meet up and Signature at Société Générale Gallery, Singapore


    Book Launch Le Secret de Xinmei, Art+ Shanghai Gallery, Shanghai China


    Lecture en tête, Festival of First Novel, Laval, France

    Festival Hors-Limite, Aulnay-sous-Bois, France


    Meet up and Signature in Dublin, Ireland for Dernière adresse




    2022-23 Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France – Master 2 in Art Theory and Philosophy

    2021-22 Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier, France – Master 1 in Art Theory and Philosophy, with Highest Honours

    1998 AFEDAP, Paris – Specialized Wall Frescoe Degree

    1993-96 Ecole Nationale des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d'Art (Olivier de Serres), Top 3 French Arts School, - Fine Art Degree (BA), with Honours, Specialisation in Frescoe

    1992 Baccalauréat - “A1” Level in Literature and Mathematics, with Honours


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